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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rasta Gyal

When I saw this dress I immediately thought of the Rasta colors. The Black is for Africa....the Green is for the Earth that people walk on, to which Rastas feel a special connection.....Gold is for all of the treasures in the world that people cherish. The only color I'm missing is the Red that represents the blood of all the living things in the world. In a perfect world, I would have worn a red clutch to complete my Rasta look but since I don't have a red clutch I wore a black clutch.(I'm borderline obsessed with these Boohoo oversized clutches......they are huge enough to fit everything but still look sleek even when packed to capacity)

To transition this look into Fall, I paired it with my go to black blazer. I was headed to dinner with my Husband and not planning to blog this look but he loved it so much he decided to do an impromptu shoot en route to our dinner destination.

Blazer/Dress - Forever 21 
Clutch- Boohoo 

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What To Wear On Your First Cruise

Hi Guys,

Usually I do a WorkWear Wednesday post but a Style4Curves reader named Jasmine contacted me to do a collage or a blog post about what I would wear on a cruise. She is a budget shopper like myself and prefers places like Forever 21 and Torrid.

This past March my Husband and I both went on our first Cruise to the Bahamas. I didn't share pics on my social media because I wanted to keep those memories private. I OBSESSED about what to wear and frequented sites like Cruise Critic trying to see what people actually wore on a cruise. One thing I kept seeing was to NOT overpack which of course I didn't heed and ended up taking this HUGE suitcase filled with clothes I didn't wear 1/3 of. That brings me down to my next point. What do I think are some basics a plus size woman should take on a cruise?

1. A Maxi. It will be sticky and hot and the last thing you want will be a bunch of clothes that stick to you. I swear one of the maxis I took with me I wore like 2 or 3 days out of my 7 day cruise seriously. I quickly realized that people on the Cruise Boat are more about comfort than style and honestly no one cares about what anyone else has on or if it's stylish or not. People were trying to eat, drink to their hearts content, and relax. No one cared if you wore the same thing yesterday.

2, A Maxi Skirt. For women who are more into skirts than dresses, a maxi skirt would be a great option paired with a tank or tee. You could also pair a sheer maxi on top of your swimsuit for a makeshift coverup.

3. 2 Swimsuits. I think you should take at least 2 swimsuits if the cruise is a 7 day but if you really like water have plenty of options because most of the cruise will be spent by the pool relaxing especially on a 7 day. If you are shy get a cute cover-up as well to walk around the boat in but when I got by that pool I saw so many women parading around their voluptuous bodies without a care in the world, that it made me less shy about showing mine off. Forever, Target, and Walmart are all places to get cute swimwear.

4. Crocs. Don't Laugh. I know the original ones are hideous but the ones that have come out now in sandal form are complete feet savers. The walking at the ports is NO Joke plus if you have them on under a maxi no one can tell anyway. Click HERE to purchase the crocs I wore frequently on my cruise.

5. Something to prevent chafing. I wrote a blog post about the best thing I've found so far for chub rub HERE. I used this on my cruise and it was a lifesaver.

6. Crossbody bags. Walking around on the boat you will not be wanting to carry a purse or a clutch all the time so my crossbody bags came in very handy. I was able to carry my necessities without having my hands tied up. (Let's be honest I kept drinks in my hand the whole time).I found some cute options HERE and HERE.

7. A Big Hat/Sunglasses. The Sun was always in my face. I wish I had taken a big floppy hat but I didn't but my oversized shades sure came to my rescue the entire time so don't leave those.

8. Sunscreen. Self-Explanatory.

9. An Elegant Dress for Formal Night. On my cruise they had a formal night where women dressed very elegant. I would suggest a very cute dress or a nice romper for Formal Night.

10. Shorts. I would take at least one pair of shorts. You can dress them up or down and take them from day to night as well.

11. A Light Jacket. Sometimes it can get cool on certain areas of the ship so take a light jacket just in case.

Overall, I would say pack the least amount of items you can but make sure they can go from day to night.  Jasmine I hope this helps. If you need additional help email me.

Dress- Wet Seal
Bags- Similar to the ones I linked to on the crossbody section
Leopard Flats- DSW
Heels- Torrid

Shorts - Similar at JCP
Heels- Torrid 
Flat Sandals- DSW 
Screen Tee- Any Graphic tee will do.

Maxi Skirt- similar at Torrid

Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shopping My Closet: Fall Florals

Hi guys,

I told you guys that this Fall I would be doing a lot of shopping in my closet. I haven't been purchasing a ton of new Fall things this year just updating a few accessories and revamping my shoe collection once again. I decided to rock this floral wrap dress last seen on the blog last year. Click here to see how I styled it before.

The last time this dress was featured on the blog it was after Thanksgiving and cooler so I paired it with tights and black leather platform pumps. Since it's not as cool now I rolled the sleeves up to 3/4 quarter length, rocked bare legs, and paired it with some jazzy pink pumps that make it look more Pre-Fall ready. I loved it both ways and I can't wait to style it again a different way. Clothes are meant to be worn over and over again and I want to show you guys how I restyle items in my closet so be on the lookout for more of my closet shopping adventures.

If you have been inspired to recreate any looks from my blog tag me in your inspired looks on facebook, twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #style4curvesinspired

Dress- Asos Curve (old)
Shoes- Chinese Laundry 

Until Next Time,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Look For Less: Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Pump

Hi guys,

I have really been slacking on my look for less posts. It's been a really long time since I've done one on the blog so today I'm back with a look for less for the Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Pump that is part of the Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The shoe is gorgeous but at $895.00 it is out of most realistic budgets. I set out to find a dupe and while I didn't find an exact dupe I think I did a pretty good job of finding a similar shoe for a fraction of the cost. Meet Zigi Soho Tia Pump. You can get it at DSW for 59.95 and it also comes in red and navy. Thank me later :)

Until Next Time, 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WorkWear Wednesday: Blue Windowpanes

Hi guys,

I'm back with another WorkWear Wednesday look. Today, Black, White and a pop of color is my frequent go to at the office. With this look, I paired a windowpane top, with a vibrant blue blazer. A Structured Satchel, and suede flats seal the deal. Click the links below for plus size options.

Shoes- Barefoot Tess

Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Utility Chic: Olive and Stripes

This outfit pretty much sums up my Fall Style....simple and chic. I plan to shop my closet for a lot of my looks and I will be back to darker colors in the Fall but I will still wear some color here and there. Fall and Winter are my least favorite seasons but as a blogger it's definitely easier to blog during Fall and Winter than it is during the hot and humid Spring and Summer.

For this look I decided to rock a staple black pencil skirt, a striped top I never got a chance to wear last Fall, and a green utility vest. I pulled the look together with pair of pointy toe mid height heels and my staple work handbag. I love this look because it's an easy casual everyday look that doesn't require much effort but it looks instantly pulled together for those days you don't feel like getting dressed but want you look like you care.

Vest- Forever 21- (similar here)
Top- Forever 21 (similar here)
Skirt- Boohoo (Get It Here)
Shoes- Chinese Laundry 
Handbag- Aldo 

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WorkWear Wednesday: Peplum and Stripes

A lot of times I like to wear peplums to work but majority of mine are sleeveless. I either throw on a blazer or cardigan, some dressy pants, and add a funky shoe to amp up my look. Throw in a simple handbag and statement jewelry to bring the look together. Click the links below to get the similar look in plus size.

I hate that these shoes have sold out since I made this collage. They were only 15.00 at Payless but I tried to find a similar option for you guys.

Until  Next Time,