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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Drugstore Dupe for MAC Heroine Lipstick

Hi Guys

I'm back with another beauty post and this one is especially for the budget beauties. After reading this post on the Drea Daily Blog (I literally go visit her blog everyday to see what she's talking about check her out guys) I was reminded of a drugstore lip balm that I had been wanting to try but never got around to it.

After I read that post the next time I went in CVS I literally grabbed the last one to see if it lived up to the hype. I picked up the Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Shameless. I absolutely love purple lippies so I HAD to try it out finally.

I love it because as soon as I put it on my lips I realized it's almost a dead on dupe for MAC Heroine. Here is a swatch so you can get a better idea.  Shameless is also anywhere from 6-10 bucks depending on where you purchase vs 16.00 Heroine. 

Here is how it looks on me with no liner.

You can also pair it with a liner I recommend Currant from MAC, Here it is paired with currant liner. 

I hope that this post gives you an idea of what to expect Shameless to look like on you if your skintone is similar to mine. It has a minty scent after application so if you don't like mint you may not care for this. Overall, I like this for everyday wear but I do prefer Heroine. The formula is different and to me the Heroine looks more purple in person even tho they look almost the same in pictures. Would I buy it again? Yes and I plan to try a few more colors in the future..... 

Until Next Time,

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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Long Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are universally flattering on every body type...but especially on fuller figured women. I was dying to blog this dress for you guys last week but the rainy, dreary, gloomy weather didn't permit it. On this day the sun was out so bright it was almost too bright and hot to blog (welcome to Mississippi where it goes straight from Winter to Summer) but I made it work.

I am falling back in love with brights so I decided wear shoes in the same color as the dress and pop it with a bright green clutch. This dress is super classy with a hint of sexy with the low cleavage and the optional slit. My legs leave much to be desired so I'm less inclined to wear a high split but for my leggy curvy girls this dress can be adjusted so the high split is more visible. You tall girls would love this I have to wear heels with it so if you are tall and want a long dress this one is for you.

I will be shopping my closet heavy this Spring/Summer for accessories. When new seasons come in we can be tempted to spend recklessly and get all new things but chances are we already have cute things we can mix and match with different looks. I don't mind my readers seeing me in the same accessories with different looks......I shop my closet to get the most out of my items.

Stylenote: This dress is very soft and doesn't stick to you. You can push the sleeves up for a 3/4 sleeve look if you desire and it also features a high split. If you are my height around 5'2 you will need heels...if you are tall this will be perf for you. If I could I would own this dress in all the colors.

This dress was provided for review but it did not change or alter my opinion on it.
Dress- c/o Get It Here
Clutch- Asos (old) 
Lipstick- Flat Out Fabulous- MAC 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Favorite Nude Lip For Dark Skin

I  mentioned earlier this year that I wanted to start incorporating a little bit of beauty talk on the blog. I'm by no means a beauty guru, I don't do huge beauty hauls (I can't remember ever spending more than 50 bucks at one time on beauty items), etc. I'm more of a lipstick lover and majority of my beauty purchases are lipsticks so that is probably what I will talk to you guys about the most.

Today I want to talk about the best nude (in my opinion) that I've found for women of a darker complexion like mine. The struggle to find the perfect nude was a long time coming for me because I don't care for nudes that remind me of David Chappelle's Tyrone Biggums character.

You definitely don't want that look going on so I had been on the hunt for a brown color that looks more like MY brown. The beauty world of course had all been raving about Salem liquid lipstick by Limecrime but 1. I'm not a big liquid lipstick girl YET 2. Limecrime has been in the news for some very disturbing reasons and I have decided not to purchase from them ever again.  I was in the MAC store looking for an eyeshadow when this brown stood out to me.

It's called Photo and it's a smooth earthy burnt caramel shade. I think it would look good on every skin-tone. I like it alone but I like it best paired with Chestnut liner also from MAC. If you are looking for a good nude that's actually nude on dark skin I would highly suggest it. I haven't found a drugstore dupe for it yet but the NYX expresso lipliner is the exact same color as MAC's chestnut liner if you are on a tight budget.  Here are some photos of me wearing the color Photo. I was also wearing it in my last blog post if you want to see it with a better quality camera...these are Iphone pics.

I hope this helped any of you looking for a pretty brown lippie. I will be back with more lipcolors soon. I rarely buy more than one at a time so don't count on any beauty hauls. 

Until Next Time, 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Gone With The Wind..............

Hi guys!!!!

As I promised, I am trying to stay consistent with my OOTD posts so I'm back today with an Easter inspired look. When I think of Easter my childhood memories include bright colored dresses, painting eggs, the longest Easter speeches I could find to recite in Church, over the top Easter Baskets made by my crafty Mom, and last but not least amazing food.

I don't celebrate Easter anymore but I still get nostalgia when I go into stores and see the Easter displays. I decided to channel an adult version of the Easter dress with this Bright Yellow Pleated Maxi Skirt. It is so whimsical, flirty, and flattering (I know some curvy women hate that word but I don't). I loved this skirt so much I bought both colors (I have a bad habit of buying duplicates). I paired it with a black top but I kept the colors going with a blue and yellow clutch.

This look is super simple but comfy and you can wear it anywhere. You don't have to sacrifice modesty for style if showing skin or wearing tight fitting items isn't your thing. I'm completely covered and still making a fashion statement. I definitely had to do a Kenya twirl because I felt gone with the wind fabulous. I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter Holiday and I hope to be back next week with another OOTD post for you guys and also deets on the lipstick I'm wearing in this post.....

StyleNotes: The Skirt fits true to size...the band around the top is snug but stretches over time as this is my third time wearing this skirt. The Lining underneath is stretchy and does ride up when you comes to about mid-thigh on me and I'm 5'2 so if you are tall you may find the lining underneath to be a bit on the short side. Even tho it rides up, it is not very visible...

Top- City Chic - Old Similar Here
Skirt- Fashion to Figure Get It Here
Clutch- Fashion to Figure- Sold Out Similar Here

Until Next Time, 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pink Pinup (A Chic and Curvy Review)

For our final Anniversary dinner, I decided to wear this dress that was gifted to me from Chic and Curvy. As you guys know I never review or accept items from boutiques that I wouldn't purchase from with my own money and Chic and Curvy is one of the only stores that I accept complimentary clothing from because a lot of the items are my style and I would definitely purchase from them with my hard earned money.

 I am not really a bodycon girl anymore so this dress was a step outside of my comfort zone, especially being a bright colored bodycon. I typically stick with darker bodycon dresses because that's what I feel more comfortable wearing. When I was looking in my closet for a clutch I came back to this colorful clutch you have been seeing on the blog for the past 2 or 3 years in the Spring/Summer and I STILL am in love with this clutch years later. When I pick clutches I love bright colors or printed clutches because they are classic and will always distinguish your look from others even if you see someone with a similar look on when you step out on the town.

This dress was the perfect length for me and I love that it doesn't stick to my flaws like some bodycons can. I wore Hooked Up Shapewear underneath to smooth things out. I hate a thigh shaper that cuts into the leg so this one is like a high waist brief that leaves my legs free from that horrible imprint. I love the color, fabric, off the shoulder detail, and my Husband's reaction when he saw me in it. Since I had so much color going on I decided to wear a neutral colored pump. If you have somewhere you're going and you want to be a for sure knockout, check out Chic and Curvy and tell them Style4Curves sent you! I truly felt like a plus size pin-up in this dress and it restored my confidence in wearing bodycon style dresses. This post wraps up my Anniversary week style I hope you enjoyed my picks!

If you are inspired by any of my looks on the blog hashtag them on Instagram at #style4curvesinspired so I can see them!

Dress:Chic and Curvy (Get It Here)
Shapewear- Hooked Up Shapewear (Get It Here
Clutch- Charming Charlie's (super old) 
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Until Next Time,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A First Time For Everything

I said I was going to keep my memories private from my Anniversary trip, and I still will but I wanted to post about a fear I overcame during this trip in hopes that it will help someone else.

Most people would assume because I blog taking pictures would be easy for me, but as with any other woman we all have fears about certain items. Mine was being photographed in swimwear. I have been wearing plus size swimwear since GabiFresh made the Fatkini popular but I have always been afraid to post a picture of me in mine on the Internet. Being sans clothing is very personal for me even on the beach but my Husband told me I was making a bigger deal out of it than it really was and he hoped that I came out of my shell and posted some pics on my blog of me in my swimwear so I decided to try it.

I actually felt liberated after seeing the photos he took and walking around without my cover-up when I got in to swim wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be. The key for me was finding something that was the perfect mix of showing a little skin without feeling completely immodest so the fatkini/sarong combo worked for me. I don't have the smallest stomach so the VBO (visible belly outline) doesn't work for me when I'm not swimming (and one day I might feel comfortable with it) but for now I prefer to not walk around with everything out for all the world to see so outside of the water I keep my sarong on.

If you are nervous about wearing swimwear it's probably like it was for me all in your head. Don't let your inner insecurities ruin your vacations....the things we hate about ourselves someone else may be looking at and appreciating. You don't have to have the perfect body to have a perfect vacation....just let go and enjoy yourself I know I did.

My Husband and I celebrate 2 years of marriage on today >3

Are any of you afraid of wearing a swimsuit on the beach? What steps are you going to take to overcome that fear?

Fatkini - Forever 21 + 
Sarong- Torrid 

Until Next Time,

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Leopard Wrap Midi Skirt

Hey guys!!!!

Tomorrow we will be headed to our mini vacay destination in the Sunshine State and this will be one of the looks I will be rocking for a dinner date. I lean for more conservative looks these days for Anniversary looks as opposed to the sophistiratchet looks I reached for in our earlier anniversary dating days. I like to rock a bodycon every now and then but overall I don't really do the skin baring looks anymore. I feel sexier when I leave things to the imagination. I love seeing other plus women rocking skin baring items but personally, I have to stick with things that I feel comfortable in. My style is about wearing what I like and what I feel comfortable in regardless of what is trendy.

As you guys know I will never have too many pencil of course when I saw this one that was not only animal print in black and white but also a wrap style I HADDDD to get it. I love the print.The deal was sweeter when I found a coupon code that enabled me to snag it at $20.00 off the original price. Me and this skirt were meant to be! I kept the look simple with a black cami top,  black blazer and a coordinating red lip/shoe combo. Less can be more sometimes......................I will be back next week to show you guys more of my anniversary week looks!

Blazer and Skirt- Torrid(Get the Skirt Here)
Cami- F21+
Lips- RiriWoo (limited edition) + Nighmoth liner both MAC
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Until Next Week,